Black Pin Up Girls

Since Beyonce’s music video, Why Don’t You Love Me, I’ve been obsessed with black pin up girls. And, why not? Black pin up girls are great role models for black femininity – they’re fun, flirty, and possess an über amount of feminine charm!

Below, I’ve compiled my favorite black pin up girls with some resources for you to incorporate the pin up flair into your own personal style:

 1: Lillian Raven  2: Angelique Noire  3: Ashleeta Beauchamp   4: Hollywood Harlot


The ultimate accessory for incorporating the pin up girl style is red lipstick. I highly recommend MAC’s Ruby Woo as a starter. As the “universal red lipstick” it looks great whether on both light and dark skin.


Below are a few pin up girl hairstyles that you can use whether you wear your hair in locs, loose, or relaxed:


Angelique Noire:

Smitten Retro Kitten:


I am absolutely in love with ModCloth and Shabby Apple. Now, your first thought might be, “Wow! These are really expensive!” But, trust me – you get what you’re paying for. Most of these pieces are 100% organic cotton and made in the United States so they’re high quality and will outlast anything you buy at Forever21. (And, of course there’s always a sale section!) Here are a couple of examples of what you might find:


Sheer pantyhose with vertical lines are considered to be the sexiest leggings. (Here’s an example.) I think it’s because the leading lines are sexually, yet subtly, suggestive. My favorite resource for lingerie how-tos is The Lingerie Addict. She has many informative, easy-to-understand videos on how to choose the right lingerie pieces:

Alright, ladies! That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading about black pin up girls as much as I’ve enjoyed writing about them! If you haven’t gotten enough of seeing your favorite pin up girls, I encourage you to check out Token Black GirlsF*&! Yeah Black Pin Up Girls, and Pin Up Lifestyle to get a daily dosage!

(P.S. Most of the pin up images are sourced from Token Black Girls. I told you it’s a great site!)

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  1. Thank you so much for this! OMG I loved all of the dresses on Shabby Apple! When I was on Polyvore all of the dresses I liked were from Modcloth. So there are two stores that make clothes I really love! I plan to find similar items a thrift stores or at other stores but looking at their sites gives me ideas about how i want to look. I could even pick up some of their sale items.

    I totally need a corset! I have one of those waist nipper things but they are not adjustable or as good as corsets (according to the video). This would make my clothes look better and emphasize my waist. I also love garters too. Thanks for introducing me to this lingerie channel :)

    I love the sweet and innocent sexiness of pin up models. They are not as vulgar as other sexy models. I think they also show how to be feminine in so many ways. Great post!

    • You have no idea – Shabby Apple is my dress porn! I love how they put so much effort into presenting their pieces! (And, yes, if you can find anything cheaper at a thrift store, I highly recommend it.)

      Pin up girls have a fun flirtiness that ALWAYS beats overt sexuality. I think Nina (from The Proper Lady) said it excellently – sexy, but not sleazy! I don’t recommend becoming a pin up girl (although cute and classier than vulgar models, they still have the strong, sexual factor that doesn’t translate in conservative societies) BUT it’s great to incorporate it into your personal style.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing The Lingerie Addict with your readers! :-D

  3. Omg I looove this post. I’ve been experimenting with the look but I haven’t quite gotten it yet. Thanks for vids :)

    • Thank you so much, Maria!
      Hopefully everything I wrote will help! Even something as simple as wearing lined pantyhose and red lipstick makes a world of difference :)

  4. This is a great guide, especially for those new to this fabulous world and lifestyle. I know some of the hairstyles can take a bit of practice too, so I love that you’ve also shared the tutorials. You’ve covered the most important bases. Bravo!!

  5. Thanks KC for this post, I’ve always adored burlesque and pin up models but there were hardly any black pin ups until now! Wow I love all the black pin ups of yesterday and today! From Josephine Baker to Angelique Noire, its a dream to see black femininity being recognized and honored, instead of all the hip hop video girls and scantilly clad women that’s been the reason I don’t watch TV anymore (well not really I watch Oprah Winfrey Network). I look forward to more of your posts! Ciao Bella!